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The Primal Performance Workout of the Week

Monday August 16, 2010

Location: Highland Road Park, Baton Rouge, LA

Required Items:

  • Soccer-ball or the like
  • Minimalist Shoes (FiveFingers or FeelMax)

WarmUp: Soccer ball kick and chase with or without partner for 8-10 minutes interspersed with a few random Push Ups and Jumping Lunges. Do Not Proceed to the workout until a you have begun to sweat.

Note: One of the most important aspects of the Primal Style  is your mindset entering the workout. Use your imagination to place yourself in an exciting and primitive world where adventure is around every corner! The WarmUp isn’t just for your body.

WorkOut Rx:

Complete in Any Order as the park presents opportunity:


  • 20 Hindu Push Ups
  • 5 – Rolling Start 50 meter sprints @ 60%-80% intensity (Rolling Start – Take 10-15 meters to gradually gain speed and maintain that speed for approximately 50 meters. Note! Rest at least 2 minutes between sprints!)
  • 2 Long Distance Bear Crawls (50-75 yards)
  • 10 Rock Throws for Max Distance – Medium-Small size
  • 3 sets of 4 Tree Limb Pull Ups (Centered Grip – Grasp the limb with one hand on one side of the limb and the other hand on the other side. Your hanging body position will be directly beneath the limb. Pull yourself up and touch your chest or shoulder to the limb.)
  • 1 Climb (Obstacle of your choice, such as, a tree or fence) (There is a great tree that hangs over the stream dead center of the park. You cant miss it)

Walk or Hunters Trot between objectives as you see fit. Try to complete all of the objectives in less than 50 minutes.

The Most Important Note! SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY is paramount. These exercises have the potential to be very dangerous if you get reckless! EXERCISE SELF CONTROL and GOOD JUDGMENT especially on the climbs.

Please post any questions or comments. And have fun!


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